Water Balloon Games Your Kids Will Love

colorful water bombs in summer ready to play

It gets sizzling hot in Fredericksburg during the summer, so your kids will need a way to cool off. Cooling off will be a blast when your kids play water balloon games. Get the details on some fun water balloon games that your kids will love.

Water Balloon Basketball

Who says you need a rubber ball and a net to play basketball? You can increase the fun by playing water balloon basketball. Use a bucket as a basket, and then challenge the kids to a game of HORSE. You’ll alternate between sinking hoops and getting drenched in this thrilling game.

Water Balloon Baseball

You can also enjoy America’s pastime with water balloons. Don’t worry about running the bases with this game. Instead, just focus on pitching, hitting, and splashing water all over the team. Kids love it when the water balloons explode every time they make contact. Expect to hear squeals of laughter each time someone gets soaked during a game of water balloon baseball.

Duck, Duck, Splash

Do your kids love playing Duck, Duck, Goose? They’ll enjoy Duck, Duck, Splash even more. A player will go around and tap people on the head, saying “Duck” with each tap. Then, the player will choose the “Goose” by breaking a water balloon over his or her head. After shaking off the water, the chase will ensue. Take your camera out when the kids play this game. You’ll want to snap some pictures, so you can look back at the fun memories later.

Musical Chairs

Kids always have a blast playing musical chairs.  You can increase the fun by adding water balloons into the mix. Place water balloons on the chairs, so when they take their seats, they pop the balloons. Musical chairs can get intense on its own, but it’s even more exciting when you include water balloons.

Water Balloon Ring Toss

Turn a standard game of ring toss into an epic summer adventure by adding water balloons. Use a hula hoop or chalk to create the ring. Then, arm the kiddos with water balloons and let them try to toss them into the ring. After a child tosses the balloon, he or she can stand by the ring to get sprayed by water balloons.

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Water Balloon Squat Race

Kids love popping water balloons, and they’ll do just that with the water balloon squat race. Set up a line of water balloons and then have the kids race toward them. The kids will squat on the water balloons as hard as they can to try to break them open. The first one to break a water balloon wins – and gets soaked.

These water balloon games are a fun way to cool off in the summer. Grab some balloons, fill them with water, and let the games begin.

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