The Ultimate Packing Guide You Need

hands packing a luggage
Due for a vacation? When it’s time to pack everything you need, try these tips for easy, comfortable travel.

Perfect Packing

You can save space in your luggage by rolling your clothes–shirts from the bottom up and pants from the waist down. This makes them easy to tuck away, and can also prevent creases by eliminating angles and folds. If you have fabrics that might snag and pull on each other in transit, consider laying plastic bags between them. In a pinch, these could also serve as laundry bags during your stay.

Make Travel Easier

If you’re already planning outfits and ensembles, remember to pack chronologically so that the first items you want to wear are on top. In your rolling case, load the heaviest items like shoes at the bottom to keep it balanced when standing upright. Avoid the temptation to overpack, as it will make repacking much trickier. Don’t under-pack, either, as that space can let things shift around, scuff, and even break.

Packing Liquids

If you’re flying, you’ll need to pack liquids in a clear bag to make the security process as simple as can be. Remember that they’ll all need to fit it one quart-size bag, and each container must be 3.4 ounces or less. It’s good to pack some basic toiletries, but remember that you can probably find some items–like sunscreen–at your destination.

What to Keep on You

There are some things that might be too important to pack away in your luggage, like medications. Keep those in a purse or satchel so that you can always have easy access to them throughout your journey. Now that you’ve packed the clothes you want to wear at your destination, it’s time to consider what to wear on your way there. If you’re flying, you’ll likely encounter a range of temperature changes along the way, so bring a light jacket that you can put on or remove as needed. If you’re in for a long flight or drive, consider compression socks to promote good circulation.

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