Turkey Day Tablescapes To Try

small pumpkins and guards used to create a festive fall tablescape

When you’re planning your Turkey Day feast, the festive display surrounding the meal is just as important as who’s bringing the sweet potato pie and whether your great aunt’s green bean casserole makes the cut for the menu this year. A strikingly elegant tablescape can boost the feeling of family fellowship and holiday cheer.  As Elle Decor’s list of 51 table-setting ideas proves, there are plenty of ways to express gratitude and autumn glory with your table setting. Read on to explore a few of our favorite ideas.

Celebrate Natures With Your Tablescape

Part of Turkey Day is celebrating a bountiful harvest season, so why not use a bit of nature to show it off. During autumn, the world outside is so full of vibrant and rich colors that you don’t need to go to your favorite décor shop to create something magnificent. You can bring a bit of the outside in and adorn your table with a little bit of nature. For instance, clip a bit of autumn foliage and drop a branch in a single rose vase. You could also us pumpkins, squashes, and gourds to form a cornucopia as your centerpiece.

Keep It Simple

If you have a large family or a small table to work with, it might be best to create a minimalist tablescape. You don’t want loud colors and multiple accessories to make your table feel cluttered. Instead, bring out your fine china and let the porcelain and decorative flatware serve as the accent colors in your table display. Choose earthy tones like deep brown, wheat, or pale green as your centerpiece. It’s a good idea to create a short centerpiece as well so that your family doesn’t have to stretch to see each other over the top of it.

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Use Multiple Centerpieces and Patterns

On the other end of the spectrum, if you have a long table and you don’t want it to feel stark,  you can use multiple centerpieces to fill up empty space. Also adding stacked patterns will give your tablescape more depth. Try, using multiple glass vases to create miniatures of your large floral centerpiece. Then, establish a cohesive color palette that works well with your centerpiece and layer together patterns that match it. For instance, you can use a striking burgundy patterned tablecloth, contrasted by whicker place settings and wood grain plates.

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