Take Your Pup Out on the Town for National Dog Day

Photo of yorkshire terrier playing with a ball for National Dog Day

As a proud owner of a dog, one of the ways you show him love is by spending quality time together. August 26 is National Dog Day, a time when many Fredericksburg restaurants will extend their hospitality to you and your pet. In honor and appreciation of your furry friend, why not take him out on the town?

Amy’s Café

On National Dog Day, you will not be the only person at Amy’s Café with a pet. As a favorite neighborhood spot, you can enjoy a delicious meal right along with your pup. What makes Amy’s Café such a great place is that all of the food is home cooked. Even the atmosphere in the 200-year-old building enhances the dining experience. In celebration of National Dog Day, you and your furry friend can enjoy time and food together outside on the pet-friendly patio.

Home Team Grill

Fredericksburg is known for having a lot of pet-friendly restaurants, including Home Team Grill. However, on your dog’s special day, you both will feel even more welcomed by the staff. The food is simply scrumptious and the drinks are cold and refreshing. This place is so great that CNN GO named it one of the 101 Best Bars in the Country. On National Dog Day, you and your pup can enjoy some time outside on the pet-friendly patio.

La Petite Auberge Restaurant and Lounge

If you enjoy traditional French food, La Petite Auberge could become your new favorite restaurant. The chef uses only fresh ingredients to create true culinary masterpieces. At this restaurant, well-behaved dogs are allowed on the sidewalk patio to dine with their owners during warm weather. This is the perfect opportunity to share some of your favorite French cuisine with your best buddy.

Deutschland Downtown

Deutschland Downtown is another one of Fredericksburg’s finest for humans and pets. This is an excellent choice for the upcoming celebration. You’ll find delicious Bavarian cuisine that your pup will enjoy, like bratwurst, schnitzel, and chicken. Your dog’s mouth will be watering (more than usual) after just the first bite!

Room for Two

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