Take a Cooking Class with Your Child

Multi-generation family cooking

Do you think you and your child have what it takes to become a champion chef? If so, enroll in cooking classes with Champion Chefs. Both you and your little one can learn how to cook the best food around, and you will have a blast in the process. Best of all, you will be able to share your love of cooking with each other through the years. That is a great way to bond with your kiddo.

Adult Cooking Classes

You can take the lead by enrolling in an adult cooking class with Champion Chefs. Class sizes are limited to 12 adults. During the class, you will make an appetizer, entrée, and dessert. Then, you will get to feast on what you made.

Don’t worry about the stress of cooking. Add the Adult Beverage Upgrade to your purchase and you can enjoy beer and wine during class. That will definitely take the edge off while you learn various cooking techniques.

Kids’ Cooking Classes

Once you get started, it will be time to enroll your kid in a cooking class. Champion Chefs offers classes for kids aged 5-16. The classes are progressive, so kids learn the right techniques for each age. Enroll your child in an age-appropriate class and watch as he or she learns to prepare delicious meals.

Send Your Kid to Camp

You can also send your child to the 5 Day Summer Cooking Camp 2017. Open for kids aged 6-14, this camp teaches everything from kitchen safety to meal preparation. It’s a lot of fun, and you will get to keep tabs on your kid’s progress by eating what your junior chef cooks. Kids bring home the food they make so you can taste test everything. They also bring home the recipes, so you and your little one can make the dishes at home.


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