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Fresh Finds Await You At The Fredericksburg Farmer’s Market

A vendor holds cabbage and onions over the counter with vegetables at local farmer's market
Having trouble finding high-quality and fresh produce in Fredericksburg? Can we tickle your fancy with a run-down of the Fredericksburg Farmer's Market? Full of local goods, from fruits and veggies to seafood and poultry, this farmer's market is the best way to spend a slow Saturday morning. Located at Hurkamp... [read more]

Get to the Farmer’s Market in Fredericksburg this Summer

Fredericksburg Farmer's Market
The original Fredericksburg Farmer’s Market is located at Hurkamp Park in historic downtown. It's part of a long-standing tradition of local merchants getting together to sell their wares on the street, and local consumers coming to browse the arts and home-grown foods. This open-air commerce dates back earlier than the... [read more]