Support Union University’s Scholarships in Alexandria

Prayer Breakfast in Alexandria

Union University, in Jackson Tennessee, is widely known as one of the best privately owned Christian Universities in the Country and the Best Privately Owned Christian University in Tennessee. With many alumni living in the Fredericksburg area, support for the University reaches much farther than Tennessee and into the Fredericksburg and surrounding communities.

Prayer Breakfast in Alexandria

By Attending the VUU Vice Admiral Samuel L. Gravely Jr. Chapter Prayer Breakfast in Alexandria, you are doing your part to help support the Union University Scholarships. Darrel K. White hosts the breakfast at the Bethlehem Baptist Church in Alexandria, Virginia. All of the proceeds from the event will go towards supporting the Union University’s Scholarships. The prayer breakfast is a positive get together with the theme “From Emancipation to Excellence in Education.”

About Vice Admiral Samuel L. Gravely, Jr

Vice Admiral Samuel L. Gravely, Jr. was the first African-American to be promoted to flag rank while commanding a U.S. Navy warship. Gravely was born and raised in Virginia, and attended Virginia Union University, but left to join the Navy and serve in World War II before he graduated. Once he finished his active duty career in the Navy, he did reenroll in college and complete his degree, knowing how important education truly is for everyone. After he had completed his studies, he was recalled to active duty and served in the Korean War and the Vietnam War. Gravely paved the road for many African-American Navy men that came after him as he was the first African-American:

  • officer to command a U.S. Navy ship (1961)
  • officer to command a combat ship (1962)
  • to lead a ship into combat (1966)
  • to reach the rank of captain (1967)
  • to reach rear admiral (1971)

He later was named the Director of Naval Communications, and then directed the Defense Communications Agency in Virginia until he retired. This highly decorated war hero left a legacy that Virginians and all American’s should be proud to follow, and that is one of the reasons that raising funds for a scholarship in his name is so very important!

Importance of College Scholarship Funds

You may not know this, but many college students are not able to pay the asking price of a school. Financial aid packages offered by Virginia Union University include scholarships, work-study, loans, and grants. The average financial aid package price at Virginia Union University is approximately $16,000. According to the University, 85% of new students apply and receive some financial aid. There are about 1,400 undergraduate students at the Union University, 90% of which receive grant student aid. On average these grants can save students $9,000.  The Vice Admiral Samuel Gravely Scholarship, combined with other scholarships, offers newly qualified students many different scholarship options: Scholars of ExcellenceUnion Merit Scholarship, and many other Addition Scholarships and grants.

If you would like to attend the  VUU Vice Admiral Samuel L. Gravely Jr. Chapter Prayer Breakfast in Alexandria, you can purchase tickets online. Join in all the fun on Saturday, March 11th at 9:30 AM at Bethlehem Baptist Church!

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