Summertime Pool Floats Worth The Hype

Inflatable flamingo pool float

Nothing feels better than relaxing in a cool pool during the summer months. You can optimize your relaxation with a pool float. Check out some pool floats that will elevate your time in the water this summer.

Giant Pizza Pool Float

The debate between St. Louis and Chicago-style pizza is one for the ages.  You can float on this without picking a side while still showing your love of pizza. It might not taste as good as a pie, but it’ll help you float on all day long.

Two-person Pool Hammock Float

Instead of floating on your own, you can spend time on the water with your best bud or that special someone with this two-person float. It’s large enough for two adults, and it partially submerges you in the water while floating. That makes it easy to stay cool while relaxing in the pool. Plus, you’ll enjoy having some company while floating around the pool.

Canopy Island Pool Float

Do you like to spend time in the pool, but the sun can get to be too much sometimes? If so, you’re sure to love this canopy pool float. It has a detachable canopy that you can use for some shade while floating. Also, it comes with two cup holders, so you can load up on water to stay hydrated.

Flamingo Pool Float

Flamingos are always in style during the summer, so you are sure to enjoy your time on this float. You can sit or lie down on it as you make your way around the pool. It’s so cute that you’ll want someone to take your picture during your water adventure.

Pineapple Pool Float

Are you tired of feeling cramped on a pool float? That won’t be a problem with this pineapple pool float. It has plenty of space so that you can increase your relaxation while on the water. Plus, the pineapple design is perfect for the steamy summer months.

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Lemon or Lime Fruit Slice Pool Float

You can also stick with the summer theme with a pool float designed like a lemon or lime slice. The circular design makes it easy to lounge while in the pool. Plus, it’s durable, so you can sit or lie down on it. Either way, it will keep you above the water while you spend time in the pool.

These floats are sure to add some extra fun to your time in the pool this summer. They are also affordable, so you can pick one up without going over your swimming budget. Then you’ll be ready for some relaxation in the pool.

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