Satisfy Your BBQ Craving At Allman’s

Barbecue table spread.

Have you had cravings lately for a good barbecue? You can satisfy your hunger at Allman’s, one of the top restaurants in Fredericksburg, VA. Since 1954, this stop has been a popular place for people, friends, and family to eat an amazing array of succulent, tangy barbecue food. If you haven’t had the chance to come here yet, now is the right time to do so. Once you do, it will quickly become one of your favorites.


Allman’s is open for lunch and dinner, and you can pick from the sandwich menu for either meal. You’ve got to try the classic Bar-B-Q Sandwich. This has been a mainstay at Allman’s since the restaurant opened its doors. You can get this sandwich in pork or chicken. Furthermore, you can pick either sliced or minced barbecue. Either way, you’ll get the house sauce, all for just $4.89. Pork stew, a veggie burger, hot dogs, or a hamburger are also on the menu.


Some dishes are synonymous with good barbecue. For example, ribs should be a choice no matter where you eat this type of food. And at Allman’s, you can choose from a few different offerings. The Smithfield Baby Back Ribs are one of the most popular items on the menu. These come with the restaurant’s homemade sauce. Moreover, you can get a half-rack for $12.45 and a full rack for $19.95.

If you prefer, go for the half-rack plate. This dish gets you a half-rack of ribs along with two sides and a bun for $14.65. To satisfy your hunger, choose the full-rack plate. This will get you not only a full rack of ribs but two sides and a bun for $21.99.


Another common choice for patrons is a platter from the menu. For instance, you can enjoy the Bar-B-Q Plate. This has 1/2 barbecue, two sides, and a bun on the side for $9.89. Or, try the Bar-B-Q Deluxe Sandwich with two sides for $7.99. The Burger Deluxe and Veggie Burger Deluxe are also available. In addition, with each platter, you can add onion rings or potato salad for just 50 cents extra.

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If you’re adventurous and have room for more, you can include a side order to your main dish. Sides include onion rings, potato salad, mac and cheese, and coleslaw. Baked beans, green beans, and French fries are also on the menu.

It is easy to see why Allman’s is a good place to come for delicious barbecued food. You’ll love the wide variety and the high-quality items.

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