Experience The “Feel Good Food” At Sammy T’s

Woman carrying burger

Woman carrying burger

Sammy T’s has been known for serving “Feel Good Food” since 1981! At Sammy T’s, you can grab a quick snack, a delicious sandwich, or a classic Mediterranean meal. Sammy T’s has such a wide variety of food, so you are bound to find something you love. This eatery understands that most people have dietary restrictions and can’t always find something on the menu. They are glad to make food restrictions and allergies work when the customer makes it known! Therefore, there is something for everyone at Sammy’s! Sammy T’s takes pride in making people “feel good” with their food, and they understand that people have many medical dietary restrictions and other circumstances that restaurants can’t always accommodate. That is where they strive to be different!

Sammy T’s Building History

The building that became Sammy T’s was built in 1804 and was then purchased by Anthony Buck, who operated “Buck’s Auction Room.” In the 1930’s, Dugan’s restaurant was finally established in this building and went on to operate until the 1970s. Dugan’s became a very popular spot downtown that locals visited often.

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The Story

Sammy T’s restaurant began operating in 1981 and since then has become the well-known Fredericksburg downtown restaurant that inhabits great food in a friendly and fun environment. Sammy T’s founding father was Samuel T.Emory, a geography professor at the University of Mary Washington. Back then, Sammy’s was purchased by a handful of retired folks that held special memories at the location. The current owners are very honored to be a part of this building’s long-lived history, and they have agreed to continue the tradition of providing great food, warm memories, and a sense of community for which Sammy T’s has always been known for. The new owners also make a point to make sure every customer feels a part of Sammy’s family by always providing a community aspect.

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