Cozy Up With A Good Book From Riverby Books This Fall

shot of a young woman reading a book on the sofa at home

As the cold air comes in, book lovers everywhere can’t wait to visit their favorite book stores, pick up a good book, and cozy up at home in front of a fire. Riverby Books is a great spot for you to pick up a book of your choosing, located in downtown Fredericksburg. There is nothing better than diving into a romance novel, mystery, or mystical fantasy when it is cold outside. Riverby Books is there for you whenever you finish one book and you are ready for another.

Inside the Book Store

You may find that you want to stay a while in this book store. Riverby Books offers a welcoming, cozy, and small book store environment that leaves book lovers spending hours in there. Many spend years looking for a good book store in their town, and this cozy and cute spot is right in the heart of downtown.

Books Galore

As so many of us are spending time at home, we are all looking for ways to escape our reality. Maybe you’ve found a new show on Netflix or took on a new hobby, but if you have not tried reading a new book, you are missing out on a whole new world! Riverby Books may be a small bookstore, but the shelves are stacked with hundreds of books to choose from. They carry books that range from every genre you can think of, so whatever kind you prefer, it can almost be guaranteed that there is something for everyone there.

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Decorative Bindings

Something really unique and cool about Riverby Books is there is a small section of the store that includes books with Decorative Bindings. Some of these books were designed and signed by Margaret Armstrong and Will Bradley, published between 1879 and 1910. That not only makes these books a part of history, but it also indicates how important the book cover was to authors way back when. Authors back then thought of the book cover as a blank canvas that invited people to read the story that lies ahead.

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