Prep Your Home For Holiday Guests

Family arriving at a grandmother's home for the holidays.

Although it’s wonderful to be surrounded by loved ones for the holidays, hosting your family or friends has it’s share of challenges. To make sure everyone is comfortable and satisfied with their accommodation’s, follow these tips outlined by Home Logic here.


Start by decluttering your home. You don’t want your guest to have to maneuver around your knick-knacks to find a place to sit. If your spare bedroom has become a storage area for old items, move them to another area. Clear off counter tops, coffee tables, and ottomans. If you need to, you can make quick work of this task by bagging up items and storing them out of sight and out of mind until your guests have left.

Add Night Lights

Even though you can get around your house when it’s pitch dark, your guest probably can’t. Add night lights throughout your home so that your guests can see if they need to make a trip to the restroom or grab a midnight snack.

Clear Out Your Entryway

A clean foyer will help make a good impression on your guest. Place a welcome mat in the doorway and make sure your shoes, umbrellas, and bags have been moved to your bedroom or a hall closet. If you don’t have any, adding hooks on your wall can also make your home more welcoming. If your home opens directly into your living room, make sure it is clear of clutter.

Add A Coffee Station

During the holidays, your kitchen will likely be the main attraction. Make sure it is clean and ready for your friends and family to help prepare holiday meals. Move your coffee station into a different room where it is easily accessible and your coffee-drinking family members won’t be in the way while your cook.

Make Extra Bathroom Supplies Easy To Find

Put toilet paper, paper towels, bath towels and other toiletries in easily accessible areas so that your guest can find them when they need to. It can also be an extra nice touch if you purchase travel size soaps, shampoos, and lotions for your guests just in case they’ve forgotten to bring their own.

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Get Your Vehicle Serviced and Detailed

If you plan on going out while your guest are in town, make sure your car is ready to shuttle your family around Fredericksburg. Schedule an appointment with Volvo Car Fredericksburg to complete basic maintenance before your guest arrive and head to your favorite car wash to have your vehicle detailed.

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