Pottery Barn Warehouse Now Open in Central Park

Pottery Barn Warehouse in Fredericksburg

When it comes time to decorate a space, knowing where to start can be daunting. What color scheme will you go with? Should it be trendy or timeless? Is that too many throw pillows?

Figuring out your own personal design scheme may be a challenge, but knowing where to buy home furnishings and décor in Fredericksburg just got a lot easier. Pottery Barn Warehouse is now open in the Central Park shopping center.

Pottery Barn Warehouse

Fredericksburg residents can now shop the best deals from Pottery Barn without having to travel to D.C. or Richmond. Pottery Barn Warehouse in Central Park is the chain’s newest pop-up location, occupying the space of the former h.h. gregg.

The Warehouse had its grand opening on Oct. 26 and will now be open weekends from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Shoppers will find merchandise at up to 75 percent off original retail pricing. The store includes items from Pottery Barn, Pottery Barn Kids Furniture, and PB Teen Furniture. Most items are new and in mint condition. Keep an eye out for new arrivals each week.

This is the chain’s fifth pop-up location, and the company will evaluate the Fredericksburg location’s success to determine if the store will transition into a permanent location.

Smart Decorating Tips

Before you visit the Pottery Barn Warehouse, it’s a good idea to envision the overall theme you’re going for. Try making a Pinterest board or saving a few magazine pages of looks that you like. That way, you won’t end up with a bunch of odds and ends in your cart that don’t vibe well in your newly-decorated space. Here are some tips to bear in mind when creating a new design scheme.

  • Strive for one mirror per room. Mirrors can make any space look bigger. By reflecting the light in the room, they create the illusion of an enlarged space.
  • Scale artwork to walls. No matter how much you love a piece, you have to have a wall that can house it. Nothing diminishes the beauty of a painting quicker than being hung on an oversized wall.
  • Keep furniture feet on the rug. If you pick up a rug while at Pottery Barn Warehouse, keep in mind that it needs to be big enough for all sofa and chair feet to fit on it. If you’re hesitant to go that big, make sure that the front two legs touch at least. Otherwise, the scaling of the room will look thrown off.
  • Make the sofa and chairs talk. While it may look fine to have the sofa and chairs next to each other, remember what their real purpose is – to invite conversation. Arranging them in a U or H shape will do just that, and it makes the room bigger than simply pushing everything against the wall.

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