5 Podcasts You Should Try

Woman listens to a podcast in the car.
Did you know the average American spends about eight hours a week driving? That means we spend an entire workday in our vehicles. You can win back some of that time by using it to enjoy a new podcast. So, turn your morning or evening commute into an enjoyable half-hour... [read more]

Looking Ahead: 2023 Volvo XC90

The Volvo XC90 is the brand's largest vehicle. It features a roomy and high-end interior, a large cargo area, and an abundance of standard technology and safety features. The XC90 will take a step forward later this year with the release of the 2023 XC90, which is expected to be... [read more]

Budget-Friendly Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Child Expressing Gratitude and Love on Mother’s Day
Show your mom the appreciation she deserves with these budget-friendly gift ideas. These ideas are not only great for anyone watching their budget, but for kids trying to show their mom how much they love them. Mother's Day is an awesome time to teach your kids to thank her for... [read more]

Vacation Without Leaving Your Home

mother and daughter having home spa day
Staycation. A vacation spent at home or near your home rather than traveling to another location. Why choose a staycation? It can be a budget-friendly and stress-free way to relax while exploring or doing something new. Most of the time, all you need is a little creativity, and you can... [read more]

Fun DIY Easter Decoration Ideas

Preparing Easter Wreath with Easter Eggs
If you are like most people, Easter has many meanings. To some, it marks the beginning of spring, and let's be honest. Spring is like Halloween or Christmas, another great reason to decorate your house! So you find last year's decorations and know that won't cut it and have to... [read more]

Should I Lease My Next Car?

Young happy man receiving new car keys in a showroom.
Are you on the market for a new vehicle? Are you questioning how to get the most bang for your buck? If you have always financed your payment and aren't sure if leasing is right for you, let us help you decide by breaking down the pros and cons of... [read more]

The Ultimate Packing Guide You Need

hands packing a luggage
Due for a vacation? When it’s time to pack everything you need, try these tips for easy, comfortable travel. Perfect Packing You can save space in your luggage by rolling your clothes–shirts from the bottom up and pants from the waist down. This makes them easy to tuck away, and can also... [read more]

5 Meal Prep Lunches For The Workweek

Nutritious meal prep containers with chickpeas, chicken, tomatoes, cucumbers and avocados. Healthy lunch in glass containers on beige rustic background. Zero waste concept. Selective focus.
Has your lunch routine devolved into ordering takeout or rushing through the drive-thru at the closest fast food joint? We promise you're not alone. While the majority of people know packing a nutritious lunch each morning is the more economical option, the workweek can get pretty hectic. So, to help... [read more]

Plan Your Next Staycation In Fredericksburg

A woman places an order from local inn
Occasionally, everyone needs a little time off from work, chores, and the normal stressors of life. You could plan a long 7-day vacation that involves making an itinerary, packing for a week, and making arrangements for home care and pets. Or, save money, time, and mental space by planning a... [read more]

Tips To Get Your Vehicle Ready For Your Road Trip

Family leaving for a road trip
If you're planning a road trip for spring break, or just taking a day trip one weekend, you should make sure your vehicle is in top-notch condition before you hit the road. Here's a checklist of items for you to complete to stay safe during your trip and avoid any... [read more]