Take The Family To Braehead Farms For A Night Of Roasting Marshmellows

birds view angle of bonfire and roasting marshmellows for s'mores in North Brookfield, MA, United States
Braehead Farm offers a relaxing retreat full of fresh produce and family fun just outside of downtown Fredericksburg! From picking your own fruits and vegetables to roasting marshmallows around a fire pit, you can spend a day away from the hustle and at Braehead Farm this fall. Farm Roasts at Braehead You... [read more]

5 Fall Car Care Tips

Car vacuuming
The temperature is starting to drop and the trees are starting to turn beautiful orange, red, and yellow colors, which means the fall season is underway.  Besides visiting the car wash, or perhaps, taking the time to wax your exterior, how will you prepare your vehicle for cooler weather? Vacuum Your... [read more]

Fresh Finds Await You At The Fredericksburg Farmer’s Market

A vendor holds cabbage and onions over the counter with vegetables at local farmer's market
Having trouble finding high-quality and fresh produce in Fredericksburg? Can we tickle your fancy with a run-down of the Fredericksburg Farmer's Market? Full of local goods, from fruits and veggies to seafood and poultry, this farmer's market is the best way to spend a slow Saturday morning. Located at Hurkamp... [read more]

Freddy Donuts Is A Sweet Start To The Day

Assorted various of donuts with cream and powder glazed
There's no doubt about it, we all get a sweet tooth from time to time. If you are in Fredericksburg, Virginia, and your ideal sweet treat is a cake-style donut, look no further than your new sweet destination, Freddy Donuts. Located downtown, this donut shop has every donut flavor imaginable... [read more]

Whip Up These Tomato-Cheese Hand Pies For Dinner

Red cherry tomatoes, white faceted plate, gray background
Whether or not you have your own garden bursting with ripe tomatoes, the vegetable is plentiful this time of year! Take advantage of the bounty of fresh, seasonal tomatoes with this tomato hand-pie recipe. For how elegantly delicious the result is, the process is incredibly easy! Ingredients 1 14-oz. package frozen... [read more]

You’re Protected On The Go With Care By Volvo

asphalt road in mountain hill with sunset background
Here at our dealership in Fredericksburg, we’ve seen drivers choose to lease our luxury vehicles for a variety of good reasons. If you’ve been thinking about leasing a refined, reliable car or SUV, Volvo offers a unique leasing option to help you make the most of the experience. Consider the... [read more]

Cool Off With Some Indoor Entertainment At Funland

Friends have fun on the game room
It's no coincidence that Fredericksburg and fun both start with the letter "F." If you live in the city, and you're looking for a way to entertain the family, whether you have experts bowlers, skilled gamers, or hungry tummies on your hands, everyone will have a ball at Funland. Game On Crank... [read more]

Grab A Bite At Casey’s

Grilled beefsteak with potatoes
Tired of coming home from work and school, only to ask your family the million-dollar question — what's for dinner? Or, hitting your lunch break, only to eat the same old sandwich you eat every day of the week? If you are in the Fredericksburg, Virginia area, and ready to... [read more]

Conquer The School Year With These Back-To-School Tips

Mother and Son Using Laptop
It's about that time — school is going to be back in session! If you are looking to change up your routine and make it an A+ year, check out these back-to-school tips. Go Green with Your Lunches Are the kids not fans of school lunches? Whether they pack their lunch, or... [read more]

5 Benefits Of Changing Your Vehicle Air Filter

Mechanic at work in his garage
You should change your vehicle’s air filter at least once a year, although you might need to swap it out more often. Changing your car’s air filter provides some benefits that make it well worth the effort. Let’s go over the top five benefits of changing your vehicle’s air filter. 1.     ... [read more]