Special Dinner For 2: Check Out These Recipes!

Candlelit Table Setting for Two with a View. at Night
Need to make something special for dinner tonight? Try any of these dishes designed for two to make a meal to remember. Baked Salmon Salmon is an incredibly versatile fish, and popping it in the oven for just a little while is one of the easiest ways to prepare a delicious dinner... [read more]

4 Tips For Teaching A Teenager To Drive

Though it can be daunting for your child to reach legal driving age, you can rest assured knowing that there are multiple avenues that both you and your child can take to ensure that he or she takes to the road safely. The first step, however, begins with you, the... [read more]

10 Family Date Ideas For This Valentine’s Day

Father and son at bowling alley
Valentine’s Day isn’t all about romance and wooing that special someone in your life. Though there can be more intimate components between two partners on this holiday, there are options for families too. This Valentine’s Day, don’t neglect your partner or your kids. For example, check out some fun and... [read more]

Snack On This Cinnamon Sugar Popcorn

Cinammon flavor popcorn
Whether you’re watching your favorite movie or show on TV or simply relaxing on the couch, you can never go wrong with popcorn as a snack. Easy to make and always delicious, it’s a treat that everyone can enjoy. However, the next time you are itching for more, try this... [read more]

Satisfy Your BBQ Craving At Allman’s

Barbecue table spread.
Have you had cravings lately for a good barbecue? You can satisfy your hunger at Allman’s, one of the top restaurants in Fredericksburg, VA. Since 1954, this stop has been a popular place for people, friends, and family to eat an amazing array of succulent, tangy barbecue food. If you... [read more]

What To Do If Your Heat Is Not Working In Car

Drinking morning coffee while driving to work.
Many parts, components, and systems in your car work together to give you a safe, comfortable ride. You don’t often think about some of these things until something goes wrong. For instance, the heater is something you expect to work well and do its job. However, when it stops working... [read more]

Whip Up This Virginia Chili To Keep Warm This Winter

Turkey chili garnished with fresh radishes
The best thing about chili is you can serve it as an appetizer or as a meal to warm up this winter. As the cold weather comes in, it seems to be a common craving across this colder states. If you are looking for a way to spice up your... [read more]

5 DIY Wreaths To Bring That Christmas Joy To Your Home

Holiday wreath craft
If you're someone who loves to decorate for the holidays but also likes to do it on a budget, you know that wreaths can get pretty expensive! With that being said. the only other option is to settle for one you don't love as much, or DIY one yourself. Some... [read more]

Treat The Family To Dinner At Fahrenheit 132

Chef adding the final flourish
Looking for a way to warm up this winter, but also treat your family to a nice dinner? Maybe you and your significant other could just use a fancy date night? In that case, Fahrenheit 132 has got you covered and is ready when you are. Fahrenheit 132, located in... [read more]

5 Driving Tips For Tackling Snow On The Roads This Winter

Car on the street covered by icy rain
Snow doesn't have to get the best of you, your holiday plans, or you and your family's safety this winter. Learning how to tackle snow on the roads can take a lifetime, or it can take five minutes. There are so many things you can do to help improve your... [read more]