The Fredericksburg Christmas Parade Is Happening This Weekend

Fredericksburg Christmas Parade
With the feasting of Thanksgiving and the rush of Black Friday now behind us, it's time to celebrate the merriest time of the year. Fredericksburg's favorite holiday event is returning this weekend, and it's sure to be as grand an event as ever. Rally your friends, family, and kids for the... [read more]

Travel Through Fredericksburg with Jingle Bell Carriage Rides

Jingle Bell Carriage Rides
The Christmas tradition goes back thousands of years. It's changed many times and been celebrated many ways, even within the United States. With this one Fredericksburg attraction, you'll be able to not only learn about the traditions of the old days, but experience them as your tour the city. Read on... [read more]

See the Beauty of the Trees of Hope Display

Trees of Hope
Part of the fun of holiday traditions involves Christmas trees and the lights that adorn them. While the "no trees before Thanksgiving" purists will argue that we should wait on this tradition, early-celebraters will be happy to know that Christmas trees will soon adorn Falmouth. No matter which camp you... [read more]

Pottery Barn Warehouse Now Open in Central Park

Pottery Barn Warehouse in Fredericksburg
When it comes time to decorate a space, knowing where to start can be daunting. What color scheme will you go with? Should it be trendy or timeless? Is that too many throw pillows? Figuring out your own personal design scheme may be a challenge, but knowing where to buy home... [read more]

Last Fit-History Hike of the Fall Gives You Exercise & Education

Fit-History Hike
Our culture places a lot of emphasis on multi-tasking. It's said, though, that very few people can successfully perform two tasks at once. But in Fredericksburg, you have the chance to multi-task in a way that benefits mind, body, and soul. This hike will work your body while building your knowledge... [read more]

Take in the Foliage with the October Woodland Hike

October Woodland Hike
The end of October is a wonderful time to view the fall foliage abundant in Fredericksburg and Falmouth. While you may catch glimpses of it on your daily commute or on your way to a fall festival, it's not the same as taking a stroll through nature. To make it... [read more]

Feast at the 1st Annual Fredericksburg Mac & Cheese Fest

Fredericksburg Mac and Cheese Fest
Nothing really describes the pure bliss of biting into a perfect bowl of macaroni and cheese. The combination of gooey, hot cheese, soft pasta, and crispy top layer make for a dish that words can't begin to capture. Whether you prefer the home-baked version with bacon on top, or the... [read more]

Visit Snead’s Farm for a Month-Long Fall Festival

Fall Festival at Snead's Farm
There's no better way to celebrate the season of acorns and pumpkins than with a fall festival. During the 2017 Fall Festival at Snead's Farm, visitors enjoy some unique and memorable ways to celebrate harvest time. If you're looking for an adventure the whole family can enjoy this fall, read... [read more]

Celebrate Fall at the Belvedere Plantation Pumpkin Patch

Pumpkin Patch in Fredericksburg
Pumpkin patches often bring back fond memories of childhood field trips and family adventures. Belvedere Plantation has everything you need to give your kids the excitement of memories that can last a lifetime. Watch as they take in the thrill of autumn festivities, and enjoy a bit of nostalgia yourself... [read more]

Visit Lake Anna State Park This Fall

Lake Anna State Park The park has a beach on one of Virginia's most popular lakes, a fishing pond accessible to children and the disabled, a bathhouse-concessions complex and a boat launch. With more than 15 miles of trails, the park offers many hiking, biking and horseback riding options. Visitor center... [read more]