Take a Historic Tour of George Washington’s Family Homes

George Washington Portrait

George Washington Portrait

If you live in Fredericksburg, you know you’re just a stone’s throw away from one historical site after the next. Take advantage of your close proximity to history by taking a historic tour of George Washington’s family homes. Head over to Ferry Farm and Kenmore so you can see these locations in person. It will be like going back in time to Revolutionary War times.

Ferry Farm

George Washington was just six years of age when his family moved to Ferry Farm. When you visit, start at the Visitors Center, where you will look through displays of Civil War and colonial artifacts. Then, you can move on to the gardens that contain plants that were popular in the 18th century. Next, take a self-guided tour of the 80-acre grounds. You can see where the Washington house stood and enjoy some hiking trails during your tour.

Historic Kenmore Plantation

George Washington’s sister and her husband built the Historic Kenmore Plantation. This Georgian-style brick mansion serves as an example of the couple’s wealth and status. When you visit, you will start at the Crowninshield Museum, where you will look through art and furniture from the 18th century. You will also go through an exhibit. Then, you will move to the home, where an interpreter will guide you through the first floor and kitchen. After the tour, you can explore the grounds if you wish.

Admission Prices

You can buy single tickets or a combined ticket that covers both attractions. Adults pay $12 to get into Kenmore and $9 for Ferry Farm. They can get into both for $19. Children under the age of 6 get into both sites free, and students pay half price.

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