Go on a Haunted Walk with These Spooky Tours

spooky tours

Do you get goose bumps when you hear noises that go bump in the night? Do you secretly love that feeling and want more? If so, there is a spooky tour that is perfect for you. Grab a friend or loved one and go on a haunted adventure like no other right here in Fredericksburg. You might even spot a ghost or two during your adventure. You never know what you’ll find during one of these spooky tours.

Phantoms of Fredericksburg

Get some family-friendly thrills and chills on the Phantoms of Fredericksburg tour. You will walk down streets and along graveyards, learning about the city’s haunted past. You will also get to meet some phantoms and take photographs of them. This is a fun event for all ages, so if your kids like ghosts as much as you do, don’t be afraid to bring them along.

Fredericksburg Hauntings

Do you love a nice mixture of history and folklore? If so, get a ticket for the Fredericksburg Hauntings tour. A costumed guide will take you around Fredericksburg while explaining the history and the folklore of the area. During this tour, you will learn about the Blue Lady of Charlotte St., the White Lady of Chatham, and more. While the tour offers ample thrills and scares, it is also kid-friendly. If your kids love a good ghost story, they will have a blast.

The DIY Tour

You also have the option of making your own walking tour. Stop by some of the most haunted places in Fredericksburg and do your own investigation. Start at the Historic Kenmore Plantation. Legend has it that the plantation is haunted by Colonel Fielding Lewis. You can also go to The Chimneys, the Rising Sun Tavern, and other haunted spots around Fredericksburg. The city is full of alleged hauntings, so it will take some time to see all of the haunted spots.

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