Grab Brunch At Mason Dixon Café

Grab Brunch At Mason Dixie Café

If you have ever played the game of “Where do you want to eat?,” then it can sometimes be a real struggle with no winners. You and your friends are not in the mood for any of the places mentioned. Even when you finally find a place to dine, it never seems to hit the spot. You want quality, comfort food. For residents in Fredericksburg, there is only one answer to the question of where to eat, and that place is the Mason Dixon Café. This is especially true during the brunch hour. Grab brunch at Mason Dixon Café with your friends today.

History of the Café

Chef Kelly Hunt first opened the café in 2012 in Spotsylvania, Virginia. It was here that she began to offer diners a delicious fusion of Southern and Northern cuisine. In just two years by 2014, the Mason Dixon Café moved to its current location in Fredericksburg. The business is in the works of opening a second location called Eats. Eats will be primarily serve as a quicker dining option, offering mainly burgers.

Brunch Menu

If you opt to dine at Mason Dixon for brunch, then you are in for a treat. Even if you miss the typical brunch time window, breakfast is served all day at the cafe. There are several dishes you will want to try. They are all amazing, so it may be difficult narrowing down on what you choose to get. You may simply need to dine at Mason Dixon more than once.

Eggs Benedict Plates

For a rich breakfast that is bursting with flavor, you cannot go wrong with eggs benedict. The cafe serves the traditional eggs benedict with delightfully fluffy poached eggs and ham on an English muffin that is covered in decadent Hollandaise sauce that is made from scratch. You could also opt for Mason Dixon’s signature eggs benedict plates, which are the Cochon Eggs Benedict or Crab Cakes Eggs Benedict. The Cochon offers slow cooked pulled pork with the poached eggs and traditional sauce. In lieu of an English muffin, the pork is served on a flaky biscuit. The Crab Cakes offers you classic eggs benedict with house made crab cakes. The eggs benedict options are only served on the weekends from 9 am to 2 pm.

Breakfast & Egg Sandwiches

The cafe serves wonderful breakfast and egg sandwiches. On the Breakfast Sandwich menu, there are some incredible options like Southern Breakfast Sandwich or the Monte Cristo. The Southern Breakfast Sandwich is on a buttery biscuit with savory pimento cheese, scrambled egg, and bacon. Mason Dixon Cafe’s Monte Cristo is a medley of ham, turkey, and Swiss cheese on Battered Texas Toast with Dijon mustard and a sweet cranberry relish as well as maple syrup on the side.

The egg sandwiches at the café offer eggs and cheese along with other scrumptious ingredients depending on the sandwich you order. You can opt for a plain egg and cheese sandwich, but you can also have them with sausage, bacon, ham, cheesesteak, and onions and peppers. The sandwiches can be ordered on Texas Toast, Whole Wheat, English Muffin, or Wrap. You can even select to have your sandwiches on a Biscuit, Bagel, Croissant, Soft Roll, Rye, or Sourdough. All breakfast and egg sandwiches come with Home Fries.

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Other Breakfast Options

Aside from the breakfast sandwiches and eggs benedict plates, Mason Dixon offers many other entrees like omelettes, Chicken & Waffles, Shrimp & Grits, and a Big Breakfast Burrito. There are also sweeter options served from the griddle such as French Toast, buttermilk pancakes, and Belgian Waffles. You can have these dishes with maple syrup and lovely Cardamom Honey Butter. For a truly sweet breakfast treat, you may want to try the Peanut Butter & Jelly Stuffed French Toast.

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