Get Ready For Fall With These 6 Tasks

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It’s snuggle weather outside and that means it’s time to prep your home for the cooler months ahead. If you haven’t gotten your home ready for fall and winter, take a look at these tips from Family Handyman.

Fall Cleaning

Everyone is familiar with the concept of spring cleaning but preparing for the cold of fall and winter requires a little sprucing up too. Add these tasks to your to-do list to make sure your home is ready.

  • Reprogram your thermostat. Program your thermostat to keep things nice and toasty in the mornings and evenings when everyone is at home and turn the heat down when you’re away.
  • Clean out your furnace and change the filters. Cleaning your furnace and changing the filters will improve the air quality in your home during the winter.
  • Clean your fireplace, too. A blocked chimney is a fire hazard, so inspect your chimney for blockage and clean out any soot.

Insulate Your Home

You know it’s time to put away your shorts and breezy sundresses in exchange for boots and cardigans, but did you know your home needs some cold-whether layers as well?

  • Switch to your cold-weather wardrobe and bedding. Pack up your summer clothes and light bedding and pull out your sweaters and heavy comforters early so you’ll have time to wash any items that need to be freshened before use.
  • Fill in any gaps in your insulation. You can check for cracks in your insulation by going into your attic during the day and looking for places where sunlight shines through.
  • Insulate your pipes. Insulating your pipes can prevent costly damage if temperatures drop below freezing.
  • Bring sensitive plants indoors. If you have potted plants that are sensitive to moisture and cold temperatures, protect them by moving them indoors before the first frost of the season.

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Fall Appliance Maintenance

  • Clean out your water heater. Scale and sediment in your water heater can reduce its efficiency, so clean it out to keep it in optimal conditions in the fall.
  • Check the batteries in your smoke detector. During the fall and winter house fires are more common due to heaters and fireplaces, so make sure your early warning systems like smoke detectors are in working condition.

Once you’ve completed fall preparations for your home, make sure your vehicle is in tip-top shape as well. If you need new snow tires, air conditioner repairs, or general maintenance, schedule an appointment with the service center at Volvo Cars Fredericksburg.

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