Explore Volvo’s Pure Electric Vehicles


Whether you believe or not that climate change is real, human activity has had a major impact on the environment. The way things have been done in the past may need to change, and that is what Volvo has been working on with its vehicle lineup. On the Volvo Group’s website, you can find their climate strategy. They’re committed to the goals of the Paris Agreement and are taking dramatic steps now to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 2040, so they can reduce their carbon footprint. There are many ways in which they are doing that, such as improving their operations facilities. In addition, Volvo is already offering pure electric vehicles that you can explore now – the C40 Recharge and the XC40 Recharge.

An Overview Of Two Advanced Vehicles

Volvo’s first pure electric crossover and full electric compact SUV are both stylish, comfortable, and powerful. Coming in with 402 horsepower, they have some muscle. And the inside is loaded with all sorts of comforts and technology. An advanced air purifier system is built in so you and your passengers can breathe cleaner air. The back-lit decor makes for a soothing glow and contemporary vibe in the cabin. In addition, the carpets are, of course, partially recycled and just perfect. It’s also loaded with all the latest infotainment and safety advancements you’ve come to expect from a modern vehicle.

Charging A Pure Electric Volvo

You probably have questions about charging a purely electric car. Where do you do it? How long does it take? And most importantly, how much does it cost? Well, they’re all actually related. The Volvo website estimates that a driver who travels 20,000 miles per year can expect to pay around $54 per month if the energy cost is .16 $/kWh. This usually takes eight hours to complete, so installing a charger at your home can be a good idea. Public fast charging stations, on the other hand, can charge your vehicle in as few as 37 minutes.

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Track Your Carbon Footprint

Concerned about your carbon footprint? You can visit the Nature Conservancy site to use their carbon footprint calculator to see your impact. You can also check out how you can make a difference. One way you can begin making a positive environmental change is by purchasing and owning a pure electric vehicle like the Volvo C40 Recharge or XC40 Recharge. Have questions about either vehicle? Come visit Volvo Cars Fredericksburg. Our sales team can answer any questions you may have about either model.

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