Enjoy A Tasty Sandwich From Basilico

Artisan Salami Sandwich

Basilico New York Deli brings something unique to Fredericksburg by combining fresh, made from scratch Italian food and filling New York Deli-style nosh. In addition, guests can shop for fine Italian products to take home to create their dishes. But many customers rave about the dazzling array of soups, salads, sandwiches, and pizzas. Come to Basilico and enjoy a tasty sandwich and so much more.

Appetizers and Salads for Starters

If you brought a big appetite, you might want to begin with an appetizer or two to share. Grab some delicious Arancini, or split a side of meatballs or the Salumiere Board. Or, dig into a classic Antipasto Salad. Another yummy option is one of Basilico’s handcrafted House Salads or the Greek Salad. These options might be filling enough for some, but we think you should keep room for a tasty sandwich.

Create Your Sandwich at Basilico

Satisfy your cravings by becoming a sandwich artist. Start to create your Basilico sandwich by choosing from 10 different bread types. Then pile on the deli meats and cheeses of your choice. Next, decide whether you want your sandwich hot, cold, toasted, or panini-style. Don’t forget the toppings, such as lettuce, sauerkraut, or the fan-favorite basil pesto mayo. Finally, try to choose from the long list of sides. It’ll be a challenge to narrow down your choices.

Or Go with the Experts

Basilico staff know how to craft perfect paninis and sandwiches and combine just the right amount and types of flavors. You can choose from many kinds of paninis and heroes. Whatever style sandwich you’re craving, Basilico will have it. In fact, you may have to order more than one type of sandwich. Take the extra home for a snack later.

Soups and Sides Satisfy

Sometimes a hearty soup is a perfect partner to a well-crafted sandwich. In addition to the soup of the day, you’ll find traditional favorites like minestrone on the menu. You’ll also find gluten-free versions of chicken noodles and tomato and orzo. Finally, get real deli flavor with corned beef and cabbage stew that’ll hit the spot.

Some sides at Basilico shine as brightly as the main entrees and sandwiches. From the baked and gooey macaroni and cheese to roasted rosemary potatoes, Basilico’s sides are stick-to-your-ribs comfort food.

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Entrees, Specialties, and So Much More

To get the whole experience at Basilico, you’ll have to make plans to return often. There are so many great dishes, kinds of pasta, pizzas, and desserts that you’ll struggle to choose what looks best each time. A hearty stromboli will fill up even the hungriest guest. Or, the sharp and tangy flavors of the Fontina Arugula Pizza will delight all taste buds. If you’ve never been to either location in Fredericksburg, then don’t wait. You might start with a tasty sandwich, but you’ll be back for more.

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