Enjoy Riverside Dinner Theater

Inside the Theatre

Do you like dinner and the theater? If so, why separate the two? Enjoy them together at the Riverside Center Dinner Theater. Held at the Riverside Center for the Performing Arts, this dinner theater is certain to tempt your taste buds and entertain you.

Tons of Food and Fun

Dinner theater performances are held Thursday through Saturday. If you attend one of these performances, you will be treated to a three-course dinner. Your meal won’t be served by standard waiters and waitresses. It will actually be served by the show’s performers. That makes the meal even more fun.

If you prefer to eat earlier in the day, you can go to a matinee on Wednesday or Sunday. You will get lunch instead of dinner, but it will be just as delicious.

The Shows

The Riverside Dinner Theater puts on some of the hottest shows around. You can see “Some Enchanted Evening” on May 17-July 16, and then “Seven Brides for Seven Brothers” will go on from July 26-Sept. 24. This season will also feature “On Golden Pond,” “Riverside Christmas Spectacular,” “A Broadway Attraction,” and The “Hunchback of Notre Dame.” These shows would be spectacular without the food, so the food is an extra bonus.

The Children’s Theater

The Riverside Center for the Performing Arts also has a Children’s Theater. This theater has short and lively productions for kids. The kids can see “Little Red Riding Hood” until June 3. This season will also have “The Monster Hunters,” “The Velveteen Rabbit,” “Croaker,” and more. The kids are certain to love these shows. Lunch is served with the show, so make sure your child has an appetite when you arrive.

Shows Minus the Food

You can also attend a performance without the food. You can buy a ticket for the show only instead of the show and the meal if you prefer. Then, you can still enjoy an outstanding performance. You just won’t have the food.


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