Enjoy Dining At Olde Towne Steak & Seafood

Crab Stuffed Mushrooms

The winter season can be busy as you spend time decorating for Christmas, shopping for presents for all your family and friends, and entertaining your children during winter break. Some time you simply need to take time for yourself and your spouse. Enjoy a night out with a delicious meal. Unsure where to go? Make reservations tonight at Olde Towne Steak and Seafood.


You can begin your night of fine dining with any of the appetizer options at Olde Towne Steak and Seafood. Need something warm and hearty? You cannot go wrong in ordering a cup or bowl of either the Olde Town Steak and Seafood Crab Soup or the Lobster Bisque. Craving a dish that is rich and delightful? Try the Stuffed Mushrooms or Stuffed Oysters. The Stuffed Mushrooms are decadent and savory with crabmeat, melted cheese, lemon, and butter. The Stuffed Oysters are delectable with stuffed crabmeat and covered with a Béarnaise sauce.

Seafood Platters

You will certainly get your fill at Olde Towne Steak and Seafood with any of the seafood platters. Perfect for sharing, these platters offer succulent amounts of seafood. For a medley of seafood, you will want to order the Seafood Norfolk that comes with lump crabmeat, jumbo shrimp, and scallops that have been broiled with lemon and butter. Prefer your seafood fried, then get the Fried Seafood Platter. This platter offers a variety of fried scallops, shrimp, crab cakes, and a fish filet. Other fine seafood platter options include the Olde Towne Shell Platter, Crab Meat Norfolk, and Stuffed Shrimp.

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Olde Towne Chef Specialties

Along with mouthwatering appetizers and seafood platters, Olde Towne provides its patrons with Olde Towne Chef Specialties. Are you wanting a little surf and turf for dinner tonight? Olde Towne offers Steak Olde Towne, which is a Filet Mignon that has been wrapped in bacon, then topped with jumbo shrimp and cherry tomato. Cannot get enough of the seafood? You will thoroughly enjoy the Salmon Olde Towne that has a salmon filet that is topped with two jumbo shrimp, plus lump crabmeat and Béarnaise sauce.

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