Feeling Sluggish this Winter? Try a Coffee Nap

Coffee nap

Winter in Fredericksburg can be brutal. The cold makes it harder to get out of bed, while the artificial indoor heat makes it harder to stay awake once you finally do get up. Instead of wasting time in a half-wakened stupor, taking 20 minutes out of your day to take a coffee nap can salvage hours of productivity. Read on to find out more about this new trend and how it can be just what you need to stay productive this season.

A New Kind of Siesta

It sounds counterintuitive at first. Since coffee is supposed to wake you up, why would you ever want to mix it with a nap? Well, when you mix the power of the two, it can actually make your nap more productive and refreshing. A coffee nap works by harnessing the creativity-bolstering effects of a nap with the alertness-enhancing effects of caffeine.

To take the perfect coffee nap, timing is crucial. If you wait too long between your latte and your lay-down, you’ll end up shorting yourself on all of the benefits. To begin, make sure you have about half an hour of uninterrupted time. Next, brew a cup of coffee using your favorite method. Drink it pretty quickly. Then, set an alarm for 20 minutes, and lay down for your nap. Upon waking, you should feel noticeably more alert and refreshed than when you began.

Coffee naps work because it takes about 20 minutes for caffeine to start kicking in. That also happens to be the perfect length of time for a short nap. You avoid sending your body into deep sleep, which can cause the unpleasant effect known as sleep inertia. Instead, you get just enough rest to refresh you, and you awaken with the help of a caffeine kick. Additionally, taking a short nap before consuming caffeine will help rid your body of adenosine. This chemical tells your brain that it’s time for you to rest, and caffeine works by blocking its signals. When you nap first, you reduce the amount of adenosine that caffeine has to block out, making it more effective overall.

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