Check Out Volvo’s 2023 Electric Line-Up

2023 XC90 Recharge in grey city setting
If you’ve been thinking about charging ahead in your own electric vehicle, now is the perfect time to find the luxury car or SUV of your dreams in Volvo’s 2023 electric line-up.

Going Electric

For 2023, the entire Volvo roster will run on mild hybrid, hybrid, or electric powertrains. Since the debut of the XC40 Recharge, Volvo has produced a variety of models on the versatile Compact Modular Architecture platform, which allows for the assembly of various battery electric vehicles as well as Plug-In Hybrids. Among other models, the platform was used to create the Pure-Electric Polestar 2 in 2020.

Volvo’s 2023 Line-Up

You can expect smooth, efficient performance with any model you choose from the Volvo family. And for 2023 there’s sure to be some level of electric power fueling that drive. If you’re ready to embrace the sustainability of the future, go Pure-Electric with the C40 Recharge.  It’s Volvo’s first Pure-Electric crossover, with innovative textile upholstery, glossy black accents, and a sculpted gear selector. The CX40 Recharge offers upscale features like premium sound, an air purifier, and safety systems like cross traffic alert and a 360° camera. If you want to reinforce your vehicle’s engine with electric power, consider a Plug-In Hybrid like the XC90 Recharge, with luxury tailored wool blend upholstery, linear walnut accents, and seating for up to seven. Google services will come built into each model across the 2023 lineup.

Looking Ahead

These 2023 models are all a part of a bigger plan to bring Volvo into an efficient, sustainable future. The journey began in 2020 with the debut of a family of Plug-In Hybrid and Pure Electric models, led by the XC40 Recharge, Volvo’s first Pure-Electric SUV. Volvo’s goal for the years ahead is for half of their vehicles sold to be Pure-Electric by 2025, while the other half would be all hybrid. By 2040, The manufacturer aims to be climate-neutral throughout its operations.

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