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Get To Know Your Community When You Plan A Rockin’ Block Party

block party
If you live in a suburban area you're likely on a first-name basis with your neighbors. But how often do you really hang out and spend time together? Hosting a block party is a great way to get the whole neighborhood out and involved and better acquainted. Here's how to... [read more]

Important Reasons To Pressure Wash Your House

woman using high water pressure cleaner to clean wall.
We already know that it’s a good idea to wash your car on a regular basis, as it’s nearly guaranteed to accumulate some dirt after all that time on the road. However, your home could use a good cleaning on occasion, too, as weather and other factors can cause dirt,... [read more]

Grab Dinner At Foode + Mercantile In Fredericksburg, VA

Chicken Paillard with greens
When you don’t feel like cooking dinner, you can turn to the excellent culinarians we have in Fredericksburg to take care of that for you. Check out Foode + Mercantile downtown and plan your visit! Eating in Season Because the team at Foode + Mercantile rely on regional ingredients, their dishes can... [read more]

Super Simple Cold Lunch Break Meals

easy lunch ideas
With our busy lives and hectic schedules, it's easy for preparing lunch to get overlooked or become an afterthought. As a result, we often end up eating the same old thing over and over again or grabbing something for convenience that might not be the cheapest or healthiest option. Here... [read more]

Plan A Stay At The Richard Johnston Inn

Beautiful fireplace room in classic style
Situated in the heart of historic Fredericksburg, the Richard Johnston Inn is a stunning historical building. In each room, guests can dive into a blend of old and modern. While locals may have seen the outside of this lovely, restored building, there’s nothing like booking a stay. There are only seven... [read more]

Enjoy A Tasty Sandwich From Basilico

Artisan Salami Sandwich
Basilico New York Deli brings something unique to Fredericksburg by combining fresh, made from scratch Italian food and filling New York Deli-style nosh. In addition, guests can shop for fine Italian products to take home to create their dishes. But many customers rave about the dazzling array of soups, salads,... [read more]

Fredericksburg Parks, Recreation, & Events Has So Much To Do This Summer

Little girl playing in waterfall in waterpark swimming pool
Making a summer bucket list for you and your family? The Fredericksburg area is full to the brim with family-friendly places to spend your summer days. Check out the Fredericksburg Parks, Recreation, and Events center for a wealth of ideas. Plan a Picnic in the Park If you have little ones, you... [read more]

3 Summer Camps To Ensure Your Kids Have The Best Summer Ever

Children doing Hand Painting
Summer is almost here, which means school will be out soon. If you're looking for something fun for your kids to do this summer, camps are a great option. These camps offer various arts and crafts, sports camps, dancing, and more. There is something for everyone with the Fredericksburg summer... [read more]

Incredibly Delicious Dinner Recipes

cooked fish with almonds, lemon, and herbs
Not sure what to make for dinner? Branch out with these flavorful recipes from near and far! Zesty Parm Asparagus May is right at the height of asparagus season here in Virginia, so take advantage of these flavorful veggie spears to make tasty starters or sides. For this quick and easy recipe, ... [read more]

5 Podcasts You Should Try

Woman listens to a podcast in the car.
Did you know the average American spends about eight hours a week driving? That means we spend an entire workday in our vehicles. You can win back some of that time by using it to enjoy a new podcast. So, turn your morning or evening commute into an enjoyable half-hour... [read more]