Backyard Football Fun For Your Family

father playing with football in yard, mom laughing

Football season is here again, which means it’s probably at the front of your mind when the calendar rolls around to the weekend. Instead of watching the games from your couch all weekend long, get the whole family involved in a backyard pickup game. You don’t need to be a professional football player to have a good time. Backyard pickup games are designed to be adjusted as needed with simple rules and scorekeeping.

Adjust as Needed

Keep your game designed with the little ones in mind. Instead of tackling one another to the ground, use a tap similar to in a game of tag. This helps keep everyone safe. Another way to modify your game is to leave the four quarters for the trained athletes and choose a shorter time frame such as 30 minutes. There’s no need to take up half of the day when you could make this a halftime activity during your favorite game instead.

Don’t Enforce Strict Rules

Real football games may have lots of rules, but that doesn’t mean your backyard pickup game has to have them as well. Simplify the rules based on the ages of your kids. If they’re too young to appreciate any kind of play calling, then skip it. If they’re old enough to find that fun, then keep it basic. You can also deviate from the rules of how many players are allowed on the field in order to fit your whole family into the game. It’s more fun when everyone’s involved.

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Keep the Score and End Zones Simple

While points in legitimate football games are set in stone, you can pick any kind of scoring system for your backyard pickup game. If you want to do the traditional point system then have at it. But if you’re looking to simplify, then go for a one-point system.

Make sure to mark off the end zones with clear markers, such as towels or cones. This will help the little ones know exactly where to run to when it’s their time to shine.

Play hard and have fun with your family today!

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