Conquer The School Year With These Back-To-School Tips

Mother and Son Using Laptop

It’s about that time — school is going to be back in session! If you are looking to change up your routine and make it an A+ year, check out these back-to-school tips.

Go Green with Your Lunches

Are the kids not fans of school lunches? Whether they pack their lunch, or mom and dad handle that task, it’s important to not waste so much plastic. Invest in some colorful, reusable storage bags or containers so it is obvious which meal belongs to your child. And the best part — they’re dishwasher safe! Make sure your child gets their snack, and go green with less waste. It’s a win, win!

Make Getting Ready a Breeze

Did you hear the tardy bell far too many times last school year? We get it, mornings are hard, especially when every child has to brush their teeth, fix their hair, eat breakfast, and get dressed. For each child, make a bathroom caddy, including things they use on a daily basis, like ponytail holders, hairspray, brushes, clips, and more. You will be able to dash out of the door with this hack.

Create the Ultimate Homework Work Space

Having a hard time with homework? Chances are, your child is distracted. Who could blame them? You are cooking dinner, the doorbell is ringing, the dog is barking, and the television is blaring. Secure a homework station in a quiet space with a desk, premium lighting, and filled with the proper supplies. You will be shocked at how much faster their work gets done, which means extra family time in the living room.

Make the Weekly Schedule Public

From school start times to extracurriculars and social groups, you are bound to miss an event or get the days mixed up. Display a dry erasable calendar in your kitchen and write every family member’s events in a different color. You will never miss a birthday, dance class, or test day again.

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Plan Your Dinners Ahead of Time

Checking your bank account from the last year and wondering how many drive-thrus you visited? Put a stop to junk food and overspending with the help of meal prep. Every Sunday, sit down and choose recipes for each night, analyze your pantry inventory, and head to the store to grab anything you may need.

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