6 Tasty Snack Recipes

An array of tasty snacks - wings, pretzels, tortilla chips and dip

If you have kids, keeping great snacks on hand for them or their visiting friends is a must, but these savory snacks aren’t just for the little ones. This list of great snacks to whip up in your kitchen has a few dishes that will score a touchdown on game night, some that are easy to pack for a snack on the go, and even a few that will be great on a party menu. No matter what you need these tasty bites for, there is something on the list that can fit the bill.  Let’s dive in and highlight a few.

Kid Friendly Snacks

Kids can be hard to please, but even your pickiest eater will say, “yum,” when they take a bite of these snacks. They’ll even like the incognito veggies we snuck into the list.  Give them a try.

Game Night Snacks

Bragging about your team and cheering at the top of your lungs can really work up an appetite. These hearty snacks will keep you and your guest satiated until the final score.

Snacks to Add to Your Party Menu

When you’re making a party menu you should keep in mind how and where people will be eating. Will they be sitting at a table, standing around, or balancing a paper plate on their knee? There’s a snack below for each scenario.

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Great On-the-Go Snacks

Life is busy, and sometimes you can’t spare a minute to sit down for snack time. For some tasty grub on the go, try one of the snack recipes below.

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