5 Podcasts You Should Try

Woman listens to a podcast in the car.

Did you know the average American spends about eight hours a week driving? That means we spend an entire workday in our vehicles. You can win back some of that time by using it to enjoy a new podcast. So, turn your morning or evening commute into an enjoyable half-hour of laughs, learning, or entertainment with one of these great podcasts.

Philosophy Bites

The hosts of “Philosophy Bites“, Nigel Warburton and David Edmonds, have created an interesting and educational podcast. They succeed in breaking down complex philosophical subjects into consumable bite-sized chunks. They make things like metaphysics and verificationism become intriguing conversational topics instead of mystifying or daunting subjects.

Crime Show

There are so many podcasts in the true crime genre that it’s hard for one that stands out. “Crime Show” manages to differentiate itself by telling stories about crimes other than murder. Each episode focuses on a different uncanny crime that explores people and the odd things they do, rather than the macabre.

This America Life

Ira Glass is the host of “This American Life”, a podcast that started as a radio show in the early ’90s. Glass and her guests give listeners a slice-of-life peek inside diverse American lifestyles through first-person narratives. You’ll hear stories about topics that range widely from the benefits of therapy to the reasons why a flutist would steal a million dollars worth of dead birds. It’s a highly engaging and entertaining show that will make your morning drive more enjoyable.

How Did This Get Made?

If you’ve had a rough day at the office, laugh it off with Paul Scheer, Jason Mantzoukas, and June Diane Raphael. These hilarious hosts analyze movies they’ve deemed so-bad-they’re-good and ask the question, “How Did This Get Made?” Listening to this podcast is a great way to boost your mood before you get home.

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Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History

Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History ” is similar to Philosophy Bites in that it takes a subject — history — and makes it more digestible. But, some of Dan Carlin’s episodes are anything but bite-sized. He explores the facets of historical events and people thoroughly. Each episode is as long as it needs to be to do that.  So, they range in length from quick 15-minute talks to six-part series and they never get boring.

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