5 Fall Car Care Tips

Car vacuuming

The temperature is starting to drop and the trees are starting to turn beautiful orange, red, and yellow colors, which means the fall season is underway.  Besides visiting the car wash, or perhaps, taking the time to wax your exterior, how will you prepare your vehicle for cooler weather?

Vacuum Your Interior

Throughout the summer, whether you enjoyed many meals from your car, or you visited the beach, there’s bound to be grime and crumb build-up. Whether you have one at home or stop at a gas station, vacuuming your car’s interior will go a long way. After you suck up the litter, be sure to wipe down your dash and windows, as these areas usually build up fingerprints and dust.

Clear the Way

While fall brings gorgeous foliage, the season also brings extra debris. From leaves falling from trees to mud and dirt, ensure your vision of the road is safe with a clear windshield.

Don’t Forget About the Wipers

While September, October, and November are usually drier months, your vehicle just fought through the rainy spring and summer seasons. Don’t get in a pickle driving down the road when a rainstorm comes out of nowhere. If your wipers seem to be worn down, or unable to wipe away grime or water at a competitive pace, it’s time to replace them. Luckily, wipers are an inexpensive repair.

Prepare For Winter

While fall doesn’t bring brutal temperatures, before you know it, the season will be over, and it will be winter. Keep a cloth and anti-freeze on hand!

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Check Maintenance Inventory

The long, hot summer was brutal on your vehicle, so it may be time to check your service records. Whether you are in need of an oil change, refill on fluids, or a new set of tires, you don’t want a ride that is not fit for the wet or icy road challenge.

If you are in need of high-quality and affordable vehicle maintenance, our team at Volvo Cars of Fredericksburg would be honored to serve you. Schedule a service appointment online today!

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