5 DIY Wreaths To Bring That Christmas Joy To Your Home

Holiday wreath craft

If you’re someone who loves to decorate for the holidays but also likes to do it on a budget, you know that wreaths can get pretty expensive! With that being said. the only other option is to settle for one you don’t love as much, or DIY one yourself. Some people are very afraid of DIY decorations for their home because they don’t feel as if they are skilled enough. Although, for these DIY wreaths, you don’t have to have a magic crafters touch. You can simply bring your vision to life with some ribbon and hot glue.

DIY Bottle Brush Tree Christmas Wreath

Everyone loves the mini bottle brush trees used for décor on tables, centerpieces, and etc. But, did you know you could use them on your wreath as well? If you didn’t, this DIY Bottle Brush Tree Wreath may be the one for you. You may be thinking, “mine will never turn out like the picture.” Never say never! This DIY is a lot simpler than you think.

DIY Noel Hoop Wreath

If you are the type that likes words on your décor and likes all kinds of signs, this DIY Noel Hoop Wreath with give you the exact look you are searching for on your front door. This DIY Wreath uses ribbon, wood slices, and greenery making it pretty easy to assemble and create.

DIY Citrus Wreath

Looking to add a pop of color to your wreath. This DIY Citrus Wreath gives you the opportunity to use a faux fruit to give you that pop of color. The picture uses lemons, but really you can get creative and use whichever fruit you feel looks best.

DIY Wrapping Paper Wreath

If you’re looking to recycling some of last years paper, or make the most of the paper you brought to wrap gifts with this year this DIY Wrapping Paper Wreath will do just that. It is guaranteed to help eliminate waste of scraps of wrapping paper and is pretty easy to make!

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DIY Patterned Pom-Pom Wreath

If your sense of style is more abstract, and you love the look of bright or neon colors and want to stray away from the traditional Christmas wreath, this DIY Patterned Pom-Pom Wreath would be the perfect addition to any door in your home. The pom-pom’s are bright colors and some contain patterns giving it that abstract look.

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