5 Benefits Of Changing Your Vehicle Air Filter

Mechanic at work in his garage

You should change your vehicle’s air filter at least once a year, although you might need to swap it out more often. Changing your car’s air filter provides some benefits that make it well worth the effort. Let’s go over the top five benefits of changing your vehicle’s air filter.

1.      Improve Fuel Efficiency

You want to get more miles between fill-ups, and changing your car’s air filter can help. A dirty air filter drastically reduces fuel efficiency, so you’ll end up spending more money on gas. Once you swap your filter for a clean one, your fuel efficiency might increase by 10 percent or more.

2.      Make Your Engine Last Longer

If your air filter is dirty, debris can end up in the engine. That can hurt the pistons, cylinders, and other parts. Even a tiny particle can damage your engine, so changing your air filter is essential. A clean air filter will prevent even the smallest of particles from damaging the engine.

3.      Avoid Issues With the Emissions System

If your air filter is clogged, fresh air won’t be able to get through. This causes a considerable reduction in the amount of air that goes to the engine. That, in turn, can harm the car’s emissions system. This can have a domino effect, affecting other components, such as the spark plugs. Eventually, your engine might start misfiring. You also might notice the “Service Engine Soon” light popping on because the engine isn’t getting enough air. When you change your air filter, you will instantly increase the airflow to the engine. That will allow you to avoid these problems.

4.      It’s Affordable and Simple

Air filters don’t cost much money at all, and you can change them yourself. This makes it one of the most straightforward maintenance tasks to handle. You can pick up some air filters to have on hand. Then you can check your air filter regularly and change it as needed.

5.      It’s Part of Your Vehicle’s Regular Maintenance Needs

When you buy a car, you receive an owner’s manual. The manual includes all the maintenance tasks you need to perform, plus a schedule for changing your air filter. As part of your regular maintenance tasks, it’s essential for your vehicle’s overall performance and longevity. Performing this and other maintenance tasks will help you get your car to 100,000 miles or more.

If you need help changing your air filter or other maintenance tasks, visit the service center at Volvo Cars Fredericksburg. You can schedule the appointment online and then bring your vehicle by for servicing. We can also help you start fresh with a new Volvo. Once you have your new car, you can follow the maintenance schedule to the letter and keep it for years to come.

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