4 Tips For Teaching A Teenager To Drive

Though it can be daunting for your child to reach legal driving age, you can rest assured knowing that there are multiple avenues that both you and your child can take to ensure that he or she takes to the road safely. The first step, however, begins with you, the parent. It is imperative that you properly prepare your child for everything that comes with driving a vehicle.

This includes understanding how the vehicle operates, learning how to set up the vehicle for optimal performance and safety, what not to do when driving, and how to obey the rules of the road. Of course, there is much more to teach your child, which is why we have written a blog of various tips to help you prepare to guide your child along the driving journey.

Stay Calm

Studies have found that tense parents tend to be less effective at teaching their children. That is why you need to focus on remaining calm. Your child will immediately pick up that you are nervous or afraid, which can lead them to be uninterested in driving or cause them to make unnecessary mistakes. Staying calm and focused is a vital tool to be a successful driving teacher.

Practice in a Variety of Environments

When you first start teaching your child you need to start with the basics: operation, braking, turning, signal lights, etc. You want to do this in a safe area, such as a secluded parking lot. As your child improves, you can expand the range of driving environments to include little-used roads up to highways. Make sure to keep a progressive approach and only move on once they have shown mastery at driving within a particular area.

Ban Phones and Other Forms of Technology

Let your child know that under no circumstance should they operate their phone or any other form of technology while driving. If they would like to fiddle with the music as they drive, tell them to have a preset playlist before you set off.

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Take a Refresher Course

Before you even begin to teach your child, it’s probably wise to know what you’re doing. Though you’ve been driving for years, it’s safe to assume that you have forgotten the basic principles of the road. For example, if you live in Connecticut, you already are required to take a two-hour refresher course to legally teach your child how to drive.

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