10 Family Date Ideas For This Valentine’s Day

Father and son at bowling alley

Valentine’s Day isn’t all about romance and wooing that special someone in your life. Though there can be more intimate components between two partners on this holiday, there are options for families too. This Valentine’s Day, don’t neglect your partner or your kids. For example, check out some fun and clever date ideas in Fredericksburg, VA, that you can all enjoy.

Take the Family Bowling

Bowling is one of those sports that just about anyone can do. Though you may be far from a pro, you can still have fun trying to hit as many pins as you can. For younger, more inexperienced bowlers, you can offer prizes for effort and accomplishments. For instance, reward a treat for a strike or even when knocking down a pin.

Try a Staycation

Valentine’s Day, or any holiday for that matter, does not require an elaborate getaway. You can have fun getting out of your normal routine by staying home. Go to a hotel for the night or try a day trip in the car.

Visit the Zoo

Kids of all ages will love checking out the animals at your local zoo. This can also be an educational opportunity for younger children. If you can, pick a time of day when it will not be as busy, such as in the morning or late afternoon.

Surprise Someone With Flowers

Who doesn’t appreciate the expression that comes with receiving flowers? You can make someone’s day by delivering a rose to their front door. As a family, pick someone in the neighborhood who could use a nice pick-me-up.

Tour Your City

Believe it or not, there could be places in your city that you have never seen or known much about. If you don’t, neither will your kids. Research different locations and activities in town and check them out.

Dress up and Dine Out

If you have the budget, pick a restaurant and dine there for the evening. It doesn’t have to be a five-star establishment. Also, you can dress up in your nicest clothing.

Dinner and a Movie

You can’t go wrong here. For instance, pick a show that everyone will enjoy and then cook at home or order in.

Let the Kids Decide

As a parent, take a night off from making plans. Let the kids have a shot at choosing the activity. Just roll with it.

Plan and Make a Meal

Firstly, as a family, choose a meal you want to have for dinner. Then, go shopping together and pick out everything you need. Lastly, get everyone to participate in making the food.

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Go to a Dollar Store

If you don’t have a huge budget, you can still have fun on Valentine’s Day. For example, head to the local dollar store and purchase a modest but fun gift for everyone in the family.

Your upcoming Valentine’s Day can be memorable for the entire family. Nothing has to be elaborate or expensive. In addition, a little thought can go a long way in creating a terrific day.

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