Take a Historic Tour of George Washington’s Family Homes

George Washington Portrait
If you live in Fredericksburg, you know you’re just a stone’s throw away from one historical site after the next. Take advantage of your close proximity to history by taking a historic tour of George Washington’s family homes. Head over to Ferry Farm and Kenmore so you can see these... [read more]

Spend an Afternoon at the Grapes and Grains Trail

Vineyard at harvest for Grapes and Grains Trail
Sometimes, you feel like drinking wine or beer at home. Other times, you feel like getting out and exploring while enjoying some alcohol. When the urge to explore comes up, hit the Grapes and Grains Trail. This trail includes wineries, breweries, and a distillery. You can enjoy tasty drinks and... [read more]

Have Fun at These Fredericksburg Area Museums

examining the elements of a painting at a museum
Fredericksburg is full of museums, making it easy to spend the day learning and having fun. Of course, you want to go to one of the best when you hit up a museum. You can do just that by visiting one of these museums. Each one has something special to... [read more]

Be Sure to Come to the Lenz Fest This Coming April

concert vibe at festival
If you love festivals then the Lenz Fest is the perfect event for you. It features everything you want out of a festival and is sure to keep you entertained throughout the entire event. Come out to have a great time and don’t forget to bring along all the people you love... [read more]

Cruise the Fredericksburg Old Town Area and Enjoy the Many Things to Do

Closeup of woman holding shopping bags
Old Town is possibly the most popular spot to visit in Fredericksburg. This National Historic District is located in downtown Fredericksburg and spans 40 blocks. Many people stop by the Fredericksburg Visitor Center to get maps before the journey. Whether you choose to get a map or go it on... [read more]

Best Golf Courses in the Fredericksburg Area

You have been itching to hit the links, and not just any course will work. You want to play at a top-notch course so you can test your skills to the fullest. You are in for the round of your life if you play at any one of these courses. The... [read more]

Join in the Fun with Paragon’s Special Needs Lego/Train Club

Paragon Special Needs Lego Club Fredericksburg
Are you looking for family fun that is both free and autism-friendly near Fredericksburg, Virginia? Paragon Autism Services would like to invite you to their Special Needs Lego Club where they offer exciting sensory activities in an inclusive environment. Sensory Friendly Activities The Special Needs Lego Club at Paragon offers fun sensory... [read more]

Support Union University’s Scholarships in Alexandria

Prayer Breakfast in Alexandria
Union University, in Jackson Tennessee, is widely known as one of the best privately owned Christian Universities in the Country and the Best Privately Owned Christian University in Tennessee. With many alumni living in the Fredericksburg area, support for the University reaches much farther than Tennessee and into the Fredericksburg... [read more]

Family Friendly Events at Barnes & Noble in Fredericksburg

Barnes & Noble Fredericksburg
There are a lot of events going on each month for you and your family in and around Fredericksburg, but what you may not realize is how many great free events are being held at your local Barnes and Noble store. Barnes & Noble Fredericksburg/ Central Park Book lovers nearby probably frequent... [read more]