Unsung Heroines: The Women & Children of Jamestown

Jamestown Ship
When compared to the ancient histories of places like Italy, France, or China, the United States of America seems a baby in comparison. Our nation turns 242 this year, but it was first settled more than 100 years prior to that. Learn about some of the first settlers to inhabit American... [read more]

Preparing for the 2018 St. Patty’s Leprechaun 5k & 10k

Running a 10k
In about a month's time, you can prepare yourself to easily run a 5k or 10k race. The fun thing about these shorter races is that they're typically tied to a holiday or a themed event. Running them is equal parts competition and fun. Plus, the shorter distance means that... [read more]

Enjoy a Free Class at RARE Crossfit

RARE Crossfit
It seems like everyone knows a Crossfitter. There's something about the tribal nature of the sport that makes its adept eager to talk and post about it. It's earned a reputation as a hardcore, push-yourself-to-the-brink form of fitness. There's no denying its intensity, but that doesn't mean you should be... [read more]

Don’t Miss This Lecture on The Women Soldiers of World War I

Women Soldiers Lecture
It wasn't until 2015 that the U.S. Army changed its policy on women serving in combat positions. Well before the, however, women were making important contributions to the army and aiding in various war efforts. Among the first women soldiers was a group of young Americans sent to France during... [read more]

Find Joie de Vivre at these French Restaurants

French Restaurants Quiche
Just because you live in America, it doesn't mean that you have to travel across the Atlantic to find fine European cuisine. Considering that European culture has existed much longer than its American counterpart, it makes sense that the rich culinary traditions of this continent possess an intricacy that you... [read more]

Feeling Sluggish this Winter? Try a Coffee Nap

Coffee nap
Winter in Fredericksburg can be brutal. The cold makes it harder to get out of bed, while the artificial indoor heat makes it harder to stay awake once you finally do get up. Instead of wasting time in a half-wakened stupor, taking 20 minutes out of your day to take... [read more]

The Fredericksburg Christmas Parade Is Happening This Weekend

Fredericksburg Christmas Parade
With the feasting of Thanksgiving and the rush of Black Friday now behind us, it's time to celebrate the merriest time of the year. Fredericksburg's favorite holiday event is returning this weekend, and it's sure to be as grand an event as ever. Rally your friends, family, and kids for the... [read more]

Travel Through Fredericksburg with Jingle Bell Carriage Rides

Jingle Bell Carriage Rides
The Christmas tradition goes back thousands of years. It's changed many times and been celebrated many ways, even within the United States. With this one Fredericksburg attraction, you'll be able to not only learn about the traditions of the old days, but experience them as your tour the city. Read on... [read more]

See the Beauty of the Trees of Hope Display

Trees of Hope
Part of the fun of holiday traditions involves Christmas trees and the lights that adorn them. While the "no trees before Thanksgiving" purists will argue that we should wait on this tradition, early-celebraters will be happy to know that Christmas trees will soon adorn Falmouth. No matter which camp you... [read more]

Pottery Barn Warehouse Now Open in Central Park

Pottery Barn Warehouse in Fredericksburg
When it comes time to decorate a space, knowing where to start can be daunting. What color scheme will you go with? Should it be trendy or timeless? Is that too many throw pillows? Figuring out your own personal design scheme may be a challenge, but knowing where to buy home... [read more]